December 26th Reminders

Father, Your presence permeates every path of life.

Your abundant love and matchless grace hold us tightly.

  • Church office hours

    The church office will be CLOSED Dec 22 through Christmas.

    Limited office hours Dec 28-30, so please call before you come.

  • Worship Interest Forms

    NEW:  Worship Interest Forms are available in the foyer and the church office.

    Lots of ways to get involved on Sundays, so please fill one out this week.

  • Shop

    Christmas Reminders

    Eddie Johnson's class will NOT meet this Sunday.

    The Christmas Card Wreath and Mailbox are in the upstairs foyer.

    Bring ONE card from your family for the Wreath or use the Mailbox to distribute all your cards.

  • Food Pantry

    Food Pantry Items:  canned ravioli, spaghettios, soups, meats, mac & cheese, boxed cereals, instant oatmeal, crackers, canned veggies & fruits, sugar, muffin mixes, pasta, pasta sauces, instant potatoes,

    peanut butter, jelly and jam

  • life screening

    Jan 24 - Life Line Screening @ Penn Forest Christian Church

    To schedule your appointment, call 800-718-0961 or online at: